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Anuban 1 - 3

(3 - 5 Years)

K (BP) Bilingual

K (EP) English

Middle School

Grade 1 - 6

(6 - 11 Years)

(BP) Bilingual

(EP) English Program

High School

Grade 7 - 12

(11 - 18 Years)

(BP) Bilingual


English Program


Bilingual Program

The goal in the Bilingual Program (BP) is to expose students to range of subjects and activities so that they can develop their own interests and passion. Critical thinking and problem solving through creativity is the core to this approach. MP students will be naturally interested in pursuing careers in sciences, technology or the arts. Abilities in using a range of different languages will help them shape their futures as modern individuals.


English Program 

YES2 (EP) is renowned as the leading English Program for Prathom Grades in Ubonratchathani. The program is one of only few that have received full recognition from the education authorities locally, providing intensive exposure to native English teachers. EP follows the Thai national curriculum with additional hours per week for both English language and a mix of core curriculum subjects taught in English and Thai.


Dual Award English Program 

The Dual Award English Program (DAEP) is our Frisby College International School for English Excellence. The program is designed to challenge students through intensive language study with real-world application as the primary goal. DEAP students are registered both nationally and direct with Frisby College, UK as part of an innovative and fast paced approach to learning. They develop English across all subject areas benefiting from enhanced contact time with Native English Teachers and biannual assessments.

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