YES2 operates an open admission system, accepting children into the school all year round. All applications for admission are given equal status and no child is excluded on the basis of nationality, culture, religious beliefs or special needs.

Students must be admitted within 50 days of the school semester’s official start date to be successfully registered with the Ministry of Education. Admissions after this deadline will be accepted but require the student’s national registration to be delayed until the following semester. Transcripts for the student’s previous school grade must confirm that all term modules have been completed in full before being approved entry into the successive grade year at YES2. Students with incomplete transcripts will be required to re-sit the previous grade year upon admission.


How to Apply

To start the admissions process students and parents should complete an application and make contact with their YES2 Country Representative or the International Student Department directly. Our representatives are there to help families fully understand what supporting documents are required and assist with having official translations made. All students are required to complete an English proficiency examination as part of the admission process.

Online Application



United States

Quest Exchange

Lisa Laviolette

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Khánh Trần

Tel:  +84 905 77 22 64 


Facebook: Khanh V Tran

iSEE Academy Vietnam

Jinny Nhat

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Admissions Process

Step 1

Send us your documents. We will then start registration with the Ministry of Education and request confirmation to apply for a student visa.  

Step 2

Receive your enrollment verification and documents by post. Schedule an appointment with your Royal Thai Embassy to apply for your student visa.  

Step 3

Receive your student visa and schedule your arrival date with the International Student Department. Complete a English Language Test online before arriving.  

Applying for a Student Visa

International students need to apply for a Thailand Non-Immigrant Education Visa to be able to enrol with YES2. Visa applications must be made with the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in the student's home country of residence. All enrollment verification documents required to complete an application are provided to the student by YES2 via postal service during Step 1 of the Admission Process. 

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Booking an


Tuition Fees

A full breakdown of tuition fees and additional costs are presented in the School Fees Schedule. Please click on the file to download.

School Fees Schedule 2018-19

International parents may choose to pay School Fees in Thai Baht or US Dollar however we require payment currency to stay fixed for all payments throughout the year once chosen. Fees for student accommodation, uniform and learning materials are required to be paid in full within 30 days of admission. Program tuition fees may be paid annually or per semester twice a year. All payments should be made in full and in a timely manner.