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Youth Exchange School II is a registered Frisby College International School offering K-12 English language education based on the English National Curriculum. Frisby College London is accredited at Premier Status by Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) providing successful English Programs to International Schools in Spain, Italy, Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The school signed an MOU in 2018 to become Frisby College’s first International School in Thailand as part of a long-term strategic plan to improve English standards with students and its teachers. Guidelines and learning resources have been custom designed under audit with the College to ensure compatibility with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and standards outlined by the Thai Ministry of Education.


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Program Manager

My name is Donald Baker or better known as Teacher Baker. I have been teaching at YES2 for 3 years. School and learning is never over and I enjoy teaching and learning. I am much honored to be the first Program Manager for Frisby College English Program at YES2.  I have the opportunity to manage and train the teachers who are in the program working along side Frisby College.  This program with Frisby College will ensure that our teachers are ready to move into the future.  Giving them confidence with their knowledge of English to teach and motivate our students.


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Don Baker


English Teacher

Head of Frisby College Program

Head of Foreign Teachers

Why Frisby College English? 

Often textbooks used by schools in Thailand to teach English are of a too higher level for the students' ability. Books like these are commonly used by schools because of the international name and reputation they carry.


We believe in providing students with learning materials that are both realistic and progressive for the level of English they are each at independently. We acknowledge that no one student learns the same and learning materials need to be flexible to each students' needs.


As a Frisby College International School we cooperate with them to carefully create textbooks and lessons that really work with our students. We also ensure that teaching staff are trained specifically in using these materials, understanding the theory behind their approach and how performance can be tracked via the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an index being used worldwide. 


English Facalty

Frisby College English Curriculum 

In accordance with National targets for English outlined by the Thai Ministry of Education students are graded using the CEFR and National O-NET Criteria in Grade 6, 9 and 12. CEFR grading ensures that program students can be assessed accurately using an internationally accepted standard. We aim for all program students to perform above average for their age in Thailand and at a comparable level with students learning English as a second language in Europe and other top AEC countries.


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Learning Materials


Frisby College

Teacher Training

Our language teachers receive ongoing Professional Development Training through the Certificate in TEFL Teaching operated by Frisby College


Training ensures our teachers are familiar with the methods used and can understand language performance in respect to CEFR grading criteria   

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Frisby College Certificates 

Frisby College Exam Certificates are recognized to the same standard as those awarded to students studying in the United Kingdom at Frisby College London. They encourage a progressive path to improving English and provide program students with certifications that represent CEFR grading levels from A1-C2. Depending on the students level and progress, exams are scheduled either annually or each semester at YES2. Exam result data is sent to Frisby College Chief Examiners to be externally verified.