‘YES Daycare’ is our entry program to YES2, meeting the needs of children between the ages of 1 and 3 years. Nursery environment aims to provide love, warmth and understanding to infant who at this age need physical, emotional and mental development to flourish. Staff follow the student centred approach to fun learning where natural curiosity and engagement is the stimulation for child development.

What’s key to ensuring the best possible environment for infant development;


  • Integration of right brain development with the BBL (Brain Based Learning)

  • Use of interactive media to encourage full developmental results

  • Bright and well ventilated classrooms with air-conditioning

  • Quality baby care products and sanitary aids

  • A combination of nutritious meals and snacks to support childhood growth

  • Exposure to languages with support from our foreign teaching staff

  • Staff are highly experienced in parenting and early childhood education

  • Holistic approach to; physical, emotional, psychological, social and intellectual development through age appropriate play activities

  • YES Daycare follows the school’s direction for developing moral understanding at all ages



YES2 Daycare

Wisakha Khatong

Department Head